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The present writer contributed a somewhat lengthy preface and also an appendix to the translation of the authors earlier volume the play of animals mainly because apart from the expressed wish of professor groos he wanted to say something about the book it is a pleasure to him now to have the the play of man chapter 4 the playful exercise of impulses of the second or socionomic order 1 fighting play karl groos table of contents | next | previous our conception of experimentation includes a large number of phenomena having the common tendency to bring into action the manifold inborn predispositions of the organism but without reference to those instincts by means of which the referenced in the play deficit in regards to the purpose of playquoting from article in a book called the play of animals 1898 groos argued that play came about by natural selection as a means to ensure that animals would practise the skills they need in order to survive and reproducegroos followed the play of animals with a second book the play of man 1901 in which he extended his insights about animal play to humans he pointed out that humans having much more to learn than other species are the most playful of all animalsthe german philosopher and naturalist karl groos developed this idea more than 100 years ago and expanded on it in two books the play of animals 1898 and the play of man 1901 young animals

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